The Aloha Day Parade is a spectacular event, kicking off a week long celebration.
The parade route is several miles long and is held in September when the weather is still very warm

top part of this page shows the parade....the lower part shows the Air Force Thunderbird show
Each of the Hawaiian Islands are represented by a beautiful queen on a  horse, that is
drapped with a beautiful flower lei.... flag bearer, and court. Each Island has its own  color.
The Air Force "Tops in Blue" put on
several shows in the area during this
week.  A lot of talent and energy was
appreciated by a large crowd that
enjoyed a 2 hours show at the Shell in
Kapiolani Park
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Following the horses, are the pooper scoopers...who stole the show, with their inventive designed carts and shovels

Such poise and dignity ...with such a job to perform..
Early afternoon the Air Force took over the entertainment...An Air Force band from an air base in Alaska played on a stage set up in the
park at Ft. DeRussey...Playing Country and Rock and Roll...THEN...with all the gusto imaginable, arrived the Thunderbirds taking over the
skies, and giving the people of Oahu the thrill of their lives...with a show so spectacular...leaving you wondering ... HOW??? and in a way,
relived when its over and everyone flies into the Sunset...except this day, was the first overcast day we had in months...and no
sunset...but the show was over, and left all spectators in awe...
These are the friendly skies,
but not on the day of the air
show...as we had the first
overcast day in months
A Command Center electronics was
set up on the beach...well guarded
This portion of the beach was not quite as crowed as other
areas...there was no such a thing as a "bad seat"...my friend
watched the show while floating on an air mattress in the ocean.
Such speed,
going into each other
AND upside down
It came to a near stand still
When you think of the planning, and other entities/agencies involved, it is mind boggling...
all airlines have to adjust their schedules, as the air space is closed, private planes are grounded,
ships are stationed off shore with different rescue capabilities...and there has to be emergency plans in place, as these
planes fly over high density populated area, where there are high rise buildings side by side.

The squadron that must accompany these planes, are manned by such specialized personnel with skills in so many fields
beyond the obvious...it is a whole lot more than a loud zoom in the sky...

There has to be several contingent plans in place for all the scenarios that could happen

Your Tax Dollars at Work....Quite a show...
Thunderbirds over Waikiki