Waikiki Tutu joined the group from the Waikiki  Community Center for a trip to the windward side of the island,
on a big yellow school bus, to see how Nalo Farms produce the greens and herbs that our best restaurants
and grocery stores make available to us.

The web site for the farms is:
We left Waikiki and traveled thru Hawaii Kai, past Hanama Bay, the Blow Hole and Sandy Beach...on past the light      
house and the view point over looking the windward coast...Arriving in Waimanalo...where we made a turn toward
the mountains,  we traveled a path that few people realize are a part of our island, beautiful horse ranches, small
farms, neighborhoods where local people live with beautiful plants just abound, and not a high rise in sight..
a wonder world...
We were greeted by the owner of the farm, Dean Okimoto, and introduced to the operation of growing greens and herbs...the
farm is on a small parcel of land, but is mighty in creating a large impact on the delicacies of the fine restaurants and the local
residents that are able to buy in our markets, and at the Farmers Market at Kapiolani College.  Having the owner take so much of
his time to explain the problems with temperatures while transporting, and the transportation itself, and marketing of a product
after it is harvested... and he even fed us from his hand, was such a touching experience in this day of hustle and bussel...in a
way, it was like stepping back in time, when people had time to be friendly and sharing.  We were a group of senior citizens and
would never be more than consumers, not store or restaurant owners.  While we were listen to the story of the farm, a customer
would drive into the driveway and depart with a flat of greens and other things that he was probably be serving at his restaurant
that evening.  There are no big store houses, but a couple of green houses that we were able to enter, no 18 wheelers hauling
tons of produce, just a little guy with a pick up truck.
W E   A R R I V E D
We turned into TOMATO TESTERS...
our opinion of two types of tomatos were requested...one tomato tasted like the old
fashion tomatos that came out of everyones garden...and was so ono..the other was
equal in appearance but had a mushy texture, and not the flavor ...we had slices of both
tomatos...then we went to the area where there were a small buildings, that greens of
different tastes and textures were stored..
we ate out of the hands of the owner and our tour leader, Jeff..

Each small leaf from the different varieties had such interesting and distinctive flavor,
can't wait to get to the farmers market to spice up my salads..
To top off a wonderful day, was lunch at
Olomono Golf course's dining room,
Great food, great view...
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One of the highlights of the tour, was to be
introduced to Corn Sprouts...
You can do it yourself..
.just visit the website of Nalo Farms, shown at the
top of this page.